About Linda Grant DePauw

Linda Grant De Pauw, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Magical Godmother) was a profoundly gifted girl who never found the mentor she wanted.

She became a history professor and was a pioneer in the field of women's history. She wrote books, some for academics, and some for young adults. She created the field of women's military studies and founded The Minerva Center, which supports the study of women and war.

In her 35 years as a professor she pursued other interests as well. She wrote science fiction with strong female characters and studied journaling, music therapy, neural linguistic programing, emotional freedom techniques, clinical hypnotherapy and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. And food. And magic.

After her retirement in 1998 she realized she had grown up to be the mentor she had longed for as a child.



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Books by Linda Grant DePauw 


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