Frequently Asked Questions


Is Dr. DePauw a therapist?

No, I am a mentor and teacher. I am good at doing research (I hold a Ph.D in history, which is the study of human behaviour) and I can help you frame and answer your own questions as Ph.D. candidates do.

What is magic? What is hypnosis?

Both magic and hypnosis are techniques for reaching a mental state in which individuals can use conscious awareness to harness the power of the subconscious mind.  Magical Godmother is multilingual, if you speak the language of spirituality, the state of mind related to an alteration of brain waves is commonly known as prayer or meditation.  

How does Magical Godmother coaching work?

For those living near Pasadena, Maryland--in the Baltimore-Annapolis-DC area--I offer coaching in person to individuals and groups. But most people in these hurried times prefer coaching by Skype or telephone.  Usually there is one long scheduled phone conversation each week.  Between conversations, I respond to email. 

What does Magical Godmother life coaching cost?

Since March 9, 2011 coaching has been free to anyone who asks for it if the two of us hit it off after exchanging email. 

What is Magical Godmother life coaching worth?

Since many people are uncomfortable receiving gifts, you may choose to give a gift of your choice to any person in need.  Please do not give to a corporation, non-profit or otherwise.  Corporations are not people. 

How may Magical Godmother be valued in US dollars?

Prior to March 9, 2011  the web page stated:

The usual fee is $250/week.  This covers one long personal session--maximum 3 hours--and unlimited email exhanges. There is a sliding scale. The initial coaching session is free and usually results in substantial relief from a major discomfort. Life coaching is an economical alternative to other therapies, saving costs of visits to health care professionals and for prescription drugs.  Since coaching is not a medical procedure, it is not covered by insurance.  If this is an issue for those experiencing financial difficulty, Magical Godmother will accept the equivalent of a co-payment to a psychologist, physician, all alternative therapy practitioner. There is never a charge if the tapping does not work for you.  






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