Feasting With The Faeries

The Feasting with the Faeries program was designed for teenage girls but will work for anyone open to combining scientific method and fantasy.

The bookstore diets that promise miraculous weight loss are selling fantasy. On Planet Earth the mundane laws of cause and effect apply. In the Magical Godmother program there is a place for both fantasy and scientific method. Both are powerful; but to work with them effectively, you must always know which system you are operating in.

The key element of the Feasting with the Faeries program is the alternation of days consuming a reduced calorie diet with days of eating as you would eat when at your desired weight and living the life of your dreams.

The reduced calorie days are Feasting with the Faeries days. The ideal weight eating days are Eating on Planet Earth days. On F days there is a calorie ceiling but no floor. On E days there is both a floor and a ceiling set around the estimated target of calorie consumption that would be required to maintain the weight you want to achieve. If you are overweight you will lose weight on both days.

There are several reasons for alternating days.

Many teenage girls--especially those who are gifted--are vulnerable to anorexia and other eating disorders. Alternating Faerie days with Planet Earth days is a reminder that one cannot feast with faeries every day while living in a mortal body.

Most people enjoy the Faerie days once they have set their program in motion, but if the restricted calorie days feel like a hardship it is motivating to know that "there was jam yesterday and jam tomorrow," as Alice in Wonderland says.

Longevity studies on every animal type from protazoa to primates have shown that the only sure way to maximize longevity is by calorie restriction. And it works best if the calories are restricted only on alternate days. Of course the longevity diet works only if the food consumed is nutritionally dense. A diet of junk food shortens life span.

If you restrict calories every day, your metabolism slows and so does weight loss. Alternating days of calorie restriction avoids that common pitfall of dieters.

If you restrict calories every day you learn how to diet but you never learn how to eat normally. That is why very few people who lose weight are able to maintain the loss.

Once at your ideal weight, some people like to maintain it by having one fast (or Faerie) day every week. The traditional Muslim practice is to fast on Monday and Thursday. The traditional Christian days were Wednesday and Friday. In India many people fast one day a week to give the body a rest - foodless Sabbath day. If you prefer to consume more calories rather than fewer on weekends, you might choose Friday and/or Monday.

When you have a day of deprivation, you will think a lot about food. Thinking about food increases the body's metabolism and burns calories in a phenomenon known as cephalic thermogenesis. Reading cookbooks, shopping for food, cooking and even looking at pictures of food will trigger this effect. There is a lot of pleasure to be had from food quite distinct from eating it.

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