Hearing the Faeries Sing

Using your voice to produce harmonic overtones increases sensitivity to higher reality, enhances creativity, and is good for your health.

In Asian and African cultures there are rich traditions of chanting relying on these magical sounds. At one time Europe had such singing too, most notably in Gregorian chant.

Today, the only form of Western music for which production of harmonic overtones is an essential element is barbershop harmony.


From 2001 to 2007, Linda Grant De Pauw coached The Little Old Ladies from Pasadenabarbershop group at the Pasadena Senior Center--that's Pasadena, Maryland not California.

The Little Old Ladies from Pasadena offered live performances. We sang the songs seniors love and particularly enjoyed doing birthday parties and special weddinganniversaries. For such events we learned favorite songs by request. We sang to seniors confined to nursing homes as well as at parties held in private homes or restaurants.
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