Magical Stitchcraft

Counted Cross Stitch for Magic, Spiritual Growth, and Healing


Stitchcraft quiets the mind.

If you are troubled by worries or repetitive thoughts that disturb your peace or keep you awake at night, an appropriate stitching project can bring you serenity in a way other hand crafts do not.

Stitchcraft teaches patience.

Cross stitch projects which grow steadily even if you can give the work only a minute or two each day reveal the truth that life is lived moment by moment. One stitch at a time produces an object of beauty as each day is a thread in the tapestry of life.

Stitchcraft taps the well of creativity.

Repetitive patterns that encourage rhythmic stitching can produce a light trance state ideal for incubating creative work. The needle, pen, and book are a traditional trinity for stitchcraft practitioners.

Stitchcraft focuses intention.

If you want to lose weight or quit smoking or get up the courage to change a relationship, cross stitch can help. An appropriately chosen project will reinforce your intention more effectively than affirmations or mantras.

Stitchcraft as prayer.

Religious texts are among the most popular cross stitch projects. You need not be limited to what you can find in the stores. Needle calligraphy is an easily learned skill that will allow you to focus prayerful attention on any words in any language that inspire you.

Stitchcraft to bless others.

When you stitch a gift with the loved recipient in mind, you stitch in a blessing. The work blesses twice, because the crafter's serenity and pleasure in stitching is visible in the completed object, something that is obviously priceless.
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