Silver Swans

Facebook and Twitters and Tweets! Oh, my! 
A Magical Godmother training for seniors who are technophobic  
People who remember Pearl Harbor are a valuable resource. They are the last living link to the long span of human history predating television. They can tell the difference between real history and Disneyland. They remember when Sunday dinner meant Mom going into the yard to kill a chicken and then pluck the feathers. They even know the recipe for Southern Fried Chicken that doesn't mean Colonel Sanders.
All this precious knowledge! And what do they do with it? They sit in God's Waiting Room (a.k.a. assisted living and nursing homes or, almost as bad, home alone) because they don't know how to make themselves heard.
Now seniors--and their children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren--can fix all that. Magical Godmother will supply onsite training for anyone within driving distance of Pasadena, Maryland. The senior needs a laptop and Magical Godmother will bring hers. We will have some conversation and find out just what the Silver Swan wants to do--including some nice things she didn't know were possible. Then we get the easy steps. Hit the on button. Move the mouse. Click. etc. No extra confusing details.  
As we used to say in the olden days when they thought ladies couldn't drive cars, you don't have to know what a carburetor is to make the silly thing go. All you need to know is where the gas pedal is, how to let the clutch out and how to use hand signals. The only other thing you need is a driver's license. You can learn to pass the test at a driving school where there are some very nice young men who know how to train Miss Daisy types who don't have a chauffeur.
These days, instead of one of those nice young men, who seem to be in short supply these days, you can have a Magical Godmother. For those who are not within driving distance of Pasadena, Maryland but who have young relatives who will set them up with Skype, they can get the training that way.  The young relatives can sit and watch too if the senior decides to give them permission to share.

For information send email to Linda Grant De Pauw or telephone 410-437-5379.
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