The Magic Book

"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind." Rudyard Kipling

All books are magic and all people engaged in nurturing their dreams need to create a book for themselves. The good witches of ancient times called their personal books grimoires or books of shadows. Today we call them journals.

This page will soon hold some of my personal work in progress entitled The Magic Book: an inquiry into the practice of journaling as a tool for personal transformation, psychic development, private amusement, pleasure, power, and pure fun with remarks on cooking, calligraphy, computers, and color together with myriad other topics and illustrated with examples from scribblers and scriveners ancient and modern gleaned from divers sources.


"Within its deep infinity I saw ingathered and bound by love in one volume, the scattered leaves of all the universe."
Dante Alighieri

"As anyone knows who's 'done' scholarship, it is one of the ultimate drugs. Every intriguing article has an equally intriguing bibliography, and every lead branches into six more, and there hovers over you all the time this delicious feeling that any minute you'll have explained Everything." Carol L. Flinders

"All would be well could we but give us wholly to the dreams and get into their world that to the sense is shadow, and not linger wretchedly among substantial things; for it is dreams that lift us to the flowing, changing world that the heart longs for."
William Butler Yeats
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